Friday, April 10, 2020
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Qatar strongly condemns forces’ storming Libya’s Al Zwaitina Oil Seaport
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Qatar strongly condemns forces’ storming Libya’s Al Zwaitina Oil Seaport

The State of Qatar has strongly condemned the storming of the forces affiliated with the retired Major General Khalifa Haftar, to Al Zwaitina oil seaport in eastern Libya and stopping the export of oil; and stressed that the country's wealth belongs to the Libyan people and that neither party has the right to manipulate Libyan capabilities or use it as a pressure card.
In a statement Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed to the suffering of thousands of displaced persons and immigrants who are not guilty in this war waged by armed groups outside the legitimacy of the state, pointing out that they aspire to live in safety and dignity in Libyan homeland that is not torn by internal conflicts or regional and international disputes.
The statement added that in the interest of the Libyan people, above all considerations, the State of Qatar calls on the international community and the Security Council to assume their responsibilities, so that all armed groups outside the law are criminalized, the integrity of the Libyan lands are preserved, and the legal and political foundations for the construction of a civil state are established.
The Foreign Ministry's statement stressed that the beginning of the solution in Libya is to return to the political track and work to build the civil and military institutions of the state through national consensus. 
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