Friday, April 10, 2020
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Top EU officials take oath of office

Luxembourg: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen took an oath of office alongside other top European Union officials on Monday, vowing to respect the bloc’s founding treaties.
Von der Leyen and her 26 EU commissioners, one for each member state except soon-to-depart Britain, pledged to serve EU interests as a whole rather than national governments.
“It is a huge responsibility that we have just undertaken,” von der Leyen said at the ceremony in the bloc’s highest court some six weeks after taking up duties in the executive branch.
The ceremony included a pledge to “behave with integrity and discretion” with particular regard to “appointments and benefits” accepted after serving in the EU executive.
Some former commissioners have been criticized for moving on to lucrative posts once they leave. For example, ex-commission president Jose Manuel Barroso went to US investment firm Goldman Sachs after finishing up.
The commissioners face many challenges during their five-year term, European Court of Justice (ECJ) President Koen Lenaerts said, highlighting Brexit, climate change and the management of migration. (DPA)