Monday, March 30, 2020
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Russia’s Medvedev to remain head of governing party

Moscow: Dmitry Medvedev intends to remain the chair of Russia’s ruling United Russia party following his resignation as prime minister last week.
“I remain the head of the party,” the 54-year-old ally of President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with state broadcaster Channel One released on Sunday.
Medvedev announced that was stepping down as prime minister on Wednesday following Putin’s state of the nation address in which the president announced a plan to give the premiership more authority through a constitutional referendum.
Putin then proposed Mikhail Mishustin, a career bureaucrat and long-time head of the federal tax service, to take over Medvedev’s post.
United Russia, Putin’s power base, holds a two-thirds majority in Russia’s parliament and can therefore amend the country’s constitution. (DPA)